My athletes

Edouard Pecher - Ironman

This Phrase may sound cheesy but it surely is correct:

"Dagmar has helped me redefine my own definition of success"


Name: Edouard Pecher

Private life: 31 years old, living in Brussels with my wife and 1 year old child.

Work: Consultant.

Sport: I finished a few marathons in my sporting career. In 2017 I started with Triathlon, with main target Ironman Barcelona in October 2017.

Ultimate goal: Ironman Hawaii


"When Dagmar and I first met (March 2017), I was already training myself for about 2 months. The day Dagmar took over my training schedule, it changed my life. He changed my training program from a haphazard to a smart-training program, while building consistency and confidence along the way.


The guidance Dagmar has given me in the past 6-7 months has made it possible to strengthen my purpose in even the smallest training session by shedding light on the final battle and transmitting his understanding of the smart training principles.


Dagmar's training method requested a serious commitment from start, although his flexible approach has been critical in order to achieve this goal. Whenever my busy work or family life took over, Dagmar has been able to adapt the training programs accordingly in order to suit the situation.


Dagmar has not only helped me build confidence and prepared me physically for my goal, but his contribution has helped me to push my boundaries personally, through mental preparation. Being strong mentally, has helped me to finish Ironman Barcelona without getting into suffering mode, in an incredible time of 10h16m03s!


I have been able to prepare myself to finish an Ironman within just six months. And the best of it, is that, apart from being an exceptional coach, Dagmar is an inspiring supportive and an encouraging mentor helping you to achieve what-ever you're aiming for!"


Edouard Pecher, Ironman Finisher ;)




Elmar Reinders - Cycling

This is Elmar Reinders, Pro Cyclist for Riwal Pro Cycling. Elmar is a classics rider, who also has a strong time trial.

After years training from race to race, he started training with us in november 2020, resulting in a big improvement of VO2MAX and a strong ability to finish a hard race.


Interested in some numbers? Elmar produces approximately 600W for 3min, 460W for 20min with a peak power of 1650W


Keep an eye on him